Adam Matta with Rhiannon Giddens, Newport Folk Festival
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adam matta beatbox


Adam Matta at Barbes
Adam Matta with Rhiannon Giddens, Newport Folk Festival
Moon in her Belly
Adam Matta at Princeton University


Adam Matta at Silvana


Bobby McFERRIN, "BOBBLE," Moscow, 1-25-10
The Carolina Chocolate Drops - Mouth Music with Adam Matta, The Human Beatbox
Taylor McFerrin and Adam Matta
Adam Matta (USA) - Showcase @Convention Berlin
Bora Yoon "Signal Pathology" Live @ Lincoln Center w/ Adam Matta & Stefano Zazzera
Adam Matta with the Cornell Chamber Orchestra
Rehearsal -- Advancing Women Professionals Poetry Flash Mob
In Transit--A Math Question
Beatbox and Theremin
Carolina Chocolate Drops LIVE "Mouth Music" (featuring Adam Matta)

Adam Matta collaborated with The Carolina Chocolate Drops in 2011 and 2012, appearing on their Grammy-nominated album, Leaving Eden, and contributions to

The Hunger Games Soundtrack
"Chimes of Freedom" Amnesty International Bob Dylan Tribute
"Voice of Ages" Chieftains Tribute Album

Matta also contributes to Rhiannon Giddens' 2015 debut album, Tomorrow is My Turn, on the debut single, "Black is the Color," and to the follow-up EP, Factory Girl

Carolina Chocolate Drops - You Be Illin'
Ruby, Are You Mad at Your Man?
Carolina Chocolate Drops @ DMB Caravan Atlantic City 24.06.2011
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Day In The Life
Earth Orbit

From “Axis of Equals" concert event, August 2014, Cutting Room, NYC